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Hotel Casa Azcona

The Hotel Casa Azcona is excellently located, in a location that combines the tranquility of the surroundings with an unbeatable communication with Pamplona. We present you below the possibilities offered by an area rich in landscape, culture, history and gastronomy.

Very close to our hotel you will find:
- Pamplona (5 minutes away)
- Castillo de Javier (45 minutes away)
- Monastery of Leyre (1 hour away)
- Estella and the Roman ruins of Andelos (half an hour away)
- Oteiza Museum (20 minutes away)

Eating in Pamplona

The city of Pamplona has an unbeatable range of bars and restaurants, perfect for touring the city making stops to relax in good company while you taste tapas and recipes of the local cuisine. Do not forget to try claret wine, txacolí or cider, accompanying the drink with a delicious pintxo. Another plan that you cannot miss is to go out and enjoy the streets of Estafeta and San Nicolás, full of bars and pubs.

Cultural Walk

For those who want to know more about the art and history of the community of Navarra, we suggest visiting the Museo de Navarra, a historic building located in the oldtown, where you will find an exhibition of the region's cultural heritage dating from the prehistory until the twentieth century. You will find more exhibitions in the wonderful vaulted crypt at the Archivo Real y General de Navarra, a building that is worth visiting itself.

Old Town

The city center is a lively meeting point where locals hang around. Crossing the Puente de Santa Magdalena, which dates back to the Middle Ages, you will reach the old entrance to the city.

Walking calmly you can take your steps to the Cathedral of Santa María de Pamplona, a beautiful Gothic and Neoclassical building. Keep walking until you reach the Plaza del Castillo, where you can rest in one of its lively terraces.